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Ain't Afraid To Die Photoshoot [
Sunday 22, @ 12:41 am
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ain't Afraid To Die Photoshoot
Inspired by: Ain't Afraid To Die by Dir En Grey

[Unknown LJ tag]Lyrics (Translated):

The way that I used to walk with you is gone
But still, I always walked with you, I wonder if I'll ever be able to meet

The day of last years final snow
The promises that were hard to exchange
When I remember them, they melt, and spill from my hands

The snow falls gently on a hill
Even though I can't reach you, I understand
The flower in your room that you loved is now...

All alone by the window, just starnig at the snow
While remembering you, seeing you in the glass
I give you a final kiss

The snow falls gently on a hill
Even though I can't reach you, I understand
The flower in your room that you loved is now...

A light that quietly begins to color the inside of the town white
You saw the season's final colors

The sound of the tears that fell is cruel isn't it
You saw the season's final colors

The four seasons, and your colors, will soon vanish
The snow melts, and flowers bloom on the street corner
The "colors" that you saw, softly begin to melt

The day of this years final colors

(A single flower on the street corner
When I look up into the sky, the final snow melts from my hand)

The 'Look':
Looking for very fragile looking people. The clothing required to be worn
will be lolita-inspired, and a parasol. That's it for now.

The scenery:
1) Open-field park, possibly (more than likely) with a path to take photos
on. It must be a day that it is snowing. No exceptions.

2) Inside a building, bedroom specifically with an open window, maybe
one that is near this park/field, if possible.

December. =) (Probably!)

Additional Information:
I'd really like to get the best I could out there. I already have one
person in mind. Though, I need others for it. Please if I do not know
you personally, submit two face shots (expressing some form of emotion), and
one body shot.

I will also need a male. If not male, a very female crossdressing as a believable

Models Chosen so far:

Model Limit:


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Suicide // Is the proof of life

Sunday 08, @ 11:53 pm
New LJ - http://myaku-die.livejournal.com/

Is the proof of life

Wednesday 20, @ 1:04 pm
[ mood | calm ]

Anonymous commenting is ON. What I want you to do is a post a confession in a comment. It can be about anything, even me, but you must make it anonymously. Hell it can be the most retarded, pointless confession ever for all I care. I'll probably reply, too.

Suicide // Is the proof of life

Friends Only [
Sunday 25, @ 7:52 pm
Friends Only.

Comment to be added.
Suicide // Is the proof of life

The List [
Saturday 24, @ 12:09 am
Things To Do (by January 2007)
-Be down to 120lbs.
-Play on heavy double on DDR.
-Be back in school with a 4.0GPA.
-Have my cosplay site up (YOU JERKS SHOULD HELP ME THINK OF A NAME!).
-Have two steady jobs.
-Be good at styling wigs.
-Be a kickass photographer.
-Have Tifa done, in-game form.
-Have a better camera.
-Have a working sewing machine. >.<

Upcoming Events
September 23rd Salem Cemetary Cosplay Gathering
September 30th Cosplay Bowling
October 6th-8th AAC
October 29th Tokyo Kid Cosplay Contest
October 31st Salem Halloween Gathering
November 3rd Twins 21st Birthday Party
November 18th Decora/Visual Kei/Loli/Etc... Gathering
December 10th My Birthday Party for cosplayers. (Dec. 20th real date, incase anyone wants to hang that day!)
???? Roller Skating Event

Ouran High School Cosplay Group
Haruhi Fujioka - Myself.
Tamaki Suoh - Yuki.
Hikaru Hitachiin -
Kaoru Hitachiin -
Kyouya Ootori -
Mori -
Hunny - Shuichi-kun.
Nekozawa - Shibby
Suicide // Is the proof of life

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